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Force Marine offers a wide variety of optional modifications and add-ons. Prices vary depending upon specifications and the size of the vessel. Inquire for a more detailed quote. 


Galvanized or Aluminum Trailers                                    $ 4,000 - $ 11,000

Cut Transom Hole, Install Leg Collar, Motor Stringers              $ 200  each 

Transducer installation                                                                        $ 300

Bomar                                                                                                  $ 600

Live Bait Thru-Hull Plugs (each)                                                            $ 50

Foam Insulation of aft or Forward Storage Box                                   $ 500

Custom Interior Appointments                                        Priced Accordingly

Hardware and Electronics                                               Priced Accordingly


Colors: 3 Main Parts same color (Hull, Deck/Rail, Liner)                     N/C        

2-Tone Hull                                                                                   $ 200        

3- Main Parts different colors; Per color                                       $ 100

2- Colors single part                                                                     $ 300



Turn Key Motor Packages 


Twin 70 h.p. 4 strokes                                                                    $ 27,000

Twin 90 h.p. 4 strokes (Suzuki )                                                     $ 29,000

Twin 115 h.p. gas outboard                                                           $ 35, 000

Single 4 cyl. gas inboard-outboard- 135 h.p.                                  $ 15,000

Single V-6 gas inboard-outboard- 190 h.p.                                     $ 18,000

Single 140 h.p.  Volvo 5 cyl.  diesel                                                $ 27,000

Single 170 h.p.  Volvo 5 cyl.  diesel                                                $ 30,000

Single 200 h.p.  Volvo 5 cyl.  diesel                                                $ 34,000

15 h.p. Kicker with Bracket - Honda or Suzuki                                $ 4, 000

Hydraulic Steering                                                                           $ 1, 500  


(Turn-key motor prices are approximate, contact for more detailed estimates with detailed specifications)    



What is the procedure to purchase a boat and approximate turn-around times?


Once you have decided what size Force boat you want to build the next step is to make a $1000 deposit to lock in your base price and place in line for that size vessel.


Turn around times vary based on the size, the current number of orders, and boat specifications.  Please inquire for any details and approximate turnaround time regarding your Force. 

Do we offer electronic installation ( gps, fish finder, autopilot, ect) ?

Presently the only electronics we install are transducers, any other electronics desired would be installed by a third party. 


How much is a trailer? 

Trailers vary widely in price depending on options (galvanized vs aluminum, side guides, multiple axels, tongue extension, ect) for most accurate pricing, contact your local trailer dealer.







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